Feeling unworthy can show up in our lives in various ways.

Sometimes its buried so deep that we shy away from uncovering our own brilliance and allowing ourselves to shine brightly and feel our own worth. Over the years, and having facilitated hundreds of sessions, it’s evident that we all struggle with our sense of self worth in various areas. It filters into our partnerships, shows up in our careers, wobbles us when we want to move forward and also can be an underlying emotion connected to pain and disease in our bodies.

So how can we do it differently? How can we let go of old limitations and claim a true, authentic self-loving worthy vibe?

During my years of working with clients it has become clear to me that self worth issues are deeply rooted in many of life’s areas – relationships, career, health, happiness, and so on.

But it is your BIRTHRIGHT to feel worthy.

Join me for a 3 or a 6-month (your choice) program where you can book in each week for a 15 min laser session targeted to a specific area related to worthiness. We will work together one to one releasing energies, limiting beliefs and generational patterns that are no longer serving you. We will integrate positive affirmations of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-worth.

During the months of your program, you will periodically receive homework and handouts that will be specifically tailored to you. Don’t worry! It’s not going to be difficult or time-consuming. It will be small activities or challenges that, when done consistently, will help you to increase the work that we do during your laser sessions.

It’s TIME to target any feelings of unworthiness, shine the light on them for release and embody a new story of worth!

Here’s how Worthy Wednesdays work:

  • Once you initially register you will be prompted to schedule your initial 30 mins session. This is where I get to know more about you and set up your goals for your program. (All sessions are via phone or Skype.)
  • After your initial “get-to-know-you” session, you can book in each Wednesday, as needed, for your 15min laser session tailored personally to YOU.
  • During each session we will target one specific area of your life in Health, Finances, Career, Relationships, Self Love and Worthiness and more.
  • At the end of your session we will talk about homework to do before we get together again. Nothing too time consuming – I understand how busy life can be.
  • During the time that we are working together you will receive various handouts emailed to you.
  • We will stay connected and accountable through email and your sessions.

How can Worthy Wednesdays benefit you?

  • This is an opportunity to HEAL past traumas, limiting beliefs, generational patterns, subconscious patterns and more!
  • You get to work on your DREAMS AND GOALS but, most importantly, to help you shift into feeling worthy to have them!
  • This can help you INCREASE your self-love, self-confidence and feeling worthy in life.
  • This is a chance to UP LEVEL your entire life.
  • This is an opportunity to work with me one to one weekly on RAISING YOUR VIBRATION AND EMPOWERING YOURSELF – it’s all about your WORTHINESS!

You might be wondering if 15 minutes is long enough for a laser session.

My answer is YES!You see, by using the SimplyHealed™ method of Energy Healing, I can help you get to the heart of the situation effectively and quickly. I have been effectively using this modality in professional practice for over 8 years now, and I deeply trust in this work and the beautiful blessings it creates.

If you feel the call to work with me then here is the link to sign up. I am taking a limited number of people so that I can focus on them and give my best self to the program.

Program starts Wednesday 27th November 2019

(We will break over Christmas & New year period and these two weeks will be added at the end of the program
so you wont miss out on the full 3 or 6 month time frame.)

Registration is now open and will close on Friday 22nd November 2019.

Bonus offer: The 6 month Laser session program comes with a bonus 60min Energy Healing session over the phone or Skype for yourself or gift to a friend!

Be one of the first 5 to register and receive 15% off!