I have experienced great personal and professional results after having energy healing sessions with Monica. Helpful people and circumstances flow more easily into my life now and many of the old limiting beliefs and self-sabotage actions that did not serve me have been released.

I was so impressed with the positive results of the healing sessions with Monica that I have completed the SimplyHealed training  course and use the effective techniques on myself and family members. Monica’s in-depth teaching is very enjoyable, practical and professional. I recommend the SimplyHealed 2 day Training (SH4U) course to all interested people who wish to improve their lives and unlock their potential.

Ann Mayes Sunshine Coast, QLD



l am so amazed and thankful.  Thank you so much for doing the SimplyHealed session for my family.

We are all so happy, it was simply wonderful to see the changes for my son – it was the most wonderful thing.

Another amazing thing that happened last night was both boys slept in their own beds all through the night, l woke up in utter shock. Everyone today is happy and relaxed – l love this !!! l simply cannot thank you enough.

My affirmations are going up on the fridge today ! l also like the idea of saying them as it gives me a time to stop and think and be thankful for this new wonderful beginning in our  lives .

Tiff.  Sunshine Coast QLD.


I just wanted to write to you and express my sincere and deep gratitude for the healing session you recently did for my daughter in relation to her sleep (or lack there of!). For 3.5 years we have struggled with her constant waking after every sleep cycle, and constant resettling she has wanted, which went on all night.

Literally for 3.5 years, night time in out house has been like a game of musical beds. It has driven both my husband and I to desperation, and insanity for lack of sleep. Having recently welcomed a new baby, it has been imperative that we did not want our baby to adopt the same unhealthy sleep habits that my 3.5 year old has, but with the baby being consistently woken during the night by my 3.5 year old, it has been very difficult to get the baby into a healthy routine.

The night following your healing session my daughter slept for 6 hours straight, which was fantastic, the next night 8 hours straight. Within a few short nights my daughter is now settling herself, and sleeping right through the night. Not only is she sleeping through the night, but she’s like a brand new girl, full of vibrancy, and vitality, and joy that all three year olds should.

Her behaviour has improved remarkably as she is not deliriously tired all day, and for the first time in a long time, I am able to enjoy her for the little angel that she is, rather than being too exhausted to really be present with her, and to be honest, a little resentful, for my lack of sleep. I feel my connection to my daughter is so much healthier, and motherhood has just been bliss since your session.

You are truly talented Monica, with a true gift of intuition. Your manner and approach is just beautiful, and I highly recommend your service to anyone who is experiencing challenges in any area of their life. Thank you so much Monica!

Ereca Hinton , Noosa Australia


“I have had a number of paid SimplyHealed sessions with Monica now and every time the results are incredible. I find it most challenging to express in words the absolute amazing experience Monica has shared with me. Monica’s gentle, professional, and life changing SimplyHealed sessions have really allowed me to move forward with my life, repair my relationship with my father, accept myself, and achieve my goals.

With sincere love and gratitude, Thank you.”

Alesha Teitzel QLD Australia


“I experienced a SimplyHealed session with Monica about a month ago.  I found it to be a comprehensive analysis of my being, that combined with Monica’s natural intuition provides a non invasive deeply holistic treatment.

Since the session I have been able to connect easily to my own intuition and have been making choices that are showing inspiring results already!

I feel as if the clouds have parted and that light is able to reach inside me to continue it’s healing”.



“I decided to go to Monica for a healing session after my roommate told me about her and the fact that this roommate had made such a dramatic and positive transformation since seeing Monica.   I didn’t have any real problems or concerns to work on but found that this wasn’t needed or necessary – and was impressed that Monica was able to find my underlining issues regardless.

I am not sure how it works exactly, but I felt lighter and happier when I walked out of my session.   Two weeks has since past and my outlook and understanding of life is so much clearer; I seem to be able to tap into the better parts of myself, understand what I have to offer and to embrace people around me.  Monica has a very kind and caring manner which made me feel at ease instantly.  I found her intuition and abilities quite astonishing.  She was able question and look into areas of my life that needed strengthening, and they really have.

I would wholeheartedly recommend an appointment with Monica to anyone and I look forward to making another appointment in the near future.”

Bec Quin , Sunshine Coast QLD

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