How long is a private session?

Energy Healing sessions are tailored to each individual.  Generally a session will go for 60mins.

How is the session carried out? 

Sessions can be done in person sitting face to face, over Skype, via phone or remotely.

What is Energy Therapy and how can it help me?

Energy Therapy is intended to restore balance and harmony to the human energy system.  It is used to release stagnant energies that can cause individuals to feel blocked in various aspects of their life. Transforming these old emotions and infusing the positive ones allows individuals to feel lighter, have more clarity and move forward in their own power.

The great thing about this work is that your bodies wisdom already knows all the details.  Beliefs that do not serve you in a positive way can be eliminated at the source. This is a very empowering way in which to re-align with ones inner wisdom and allow the positive experiences to come into your life.

How is long distance work done?  

When a long distance session is being carried out permission is always asked before we begin.  The information is gathered via muscle testing by Monica and the other person’s spirit is willing to “receive” the goodness that comes from pure heartfelt intention of the session.  Monica has used this method in many sessions and she has received some wonderful feedback from her long distance clients.

Can this work be used on animals?

Yes of course!  Animals are amazing and usually they are very open to receive this work as it comes from a pure light, love and intentions.

Can children benefit from this work?

There are no age restrictions with this empowering energy work.  This type of energy healing is non-invasive, gentle and is so positive that it can help children of all ages.

What if I find it hard to believe in this type of  Energy Therapy , will it still work for me ? 

This will always work with your body and spirit’s wisdom for your highest good.  You do not have to believe in this work for it to benefit you, however it is believed that an individual can block and not accept the work if they are choosing to stay in the negative vibrations.

What is meant by “Clearing generational issues” ?

We all carry our ancestors energetic and emotional DNA.  Everyone of us carry both positive and negative energy that keeps getting passed down through the generations.  Sometimes we are upset about something or have an issue that we just cant seem to shift.  We may have inherited an emotional tendency or negative belief pattern and when the generational clearing is done we remove it from the family lineage and we no longer need to carry that around with us!

Is this work like a psychic reading?

No.  An energy therapy session is working with your energy to create awareness, remove the blocks, and create more positive circumstances for each individual.  This work is intended to empower you to make your own life choices and will connect you to your own inner wisdom and power.

How soon will I notice results ?

Usually negative energies shift fast for people that are open and willing to move forward in their life.  People feel lighter and happier after the session is completed, the potency of the negative emotion has been released and positive change is on the way!

Monica Green
Energy Intuitive

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