How would YOU feel to gain CLARITY ?

To feel  EMPOWERED ?

And to be INSPIRED ?

You can choose to move forward in your life and create healthy life experiences for yourself starting NOW.
SimplyHealed is a gentle and easy, non-invasive advanced energy healing tool used for personal transformation.
SimplyHealed facilitates healthy change, allowing negative emotional blocks, beliefs and lower vibrating energies to be neutralized at their source.
One of the unique benefits of this work and one that I especially love is working to clear the flaws in the Ancestral DNA and repair the wounds of the past. SimplyHealed allows freedom from limitations, aligns the 7 energy systems and brings in more balance and harmony for the individual.

      •  Awaken your Inner Power and Joy
      •  Change your Energy Patterns
      •  Transform unhealthy behavior
      •  Shift Sub-conscious beliefs
      •  Move forward in your life
      •  Reduce Stress
      •  Eliminate Self – Sabotaging patterns
      •  Deepen your connection with YOURSELF
      •  Increase Health and Wellbeing
      •  Increase Self – Confidence
      •  Create happy and meaningful relationships
      •  Increase your Wealth

Experience this for yourself and create daily miracles that will allow you to BE, DO and HAVE more of your hearts desire.


Monica Green
Energy Intuitive

(+61) 414 380 643